Old website 9 years Old & new website created.

My old website had been around since 2007 - so around nine years!

As you can imagine is was very dated, and very manual to operate. It was created in Joomla, which is still around and is a good free system but it had not been updated for years so the version was way out of date. 

And importantly the blog component broke about 8 months ago. Luckily I was able to get into the blog from the back end and access all the data. So all the content was copied across to MS Word - which was really important to me as there was all the Europe & UK blogs, but Robin's birth etc. 

So using Squarespace I have created a new website hosted in the USA which is actually cheaper to own and manage than the old one, and is so much easier to use. Plus importantly looks great!

Hopfully if things settle down in the future and with the boys getting older I can keep the Blog more up to date, and get more photography done. 

Adam Weller