Turkey Day 7 - Egirdir

After the full on day yesterday, today is a simple take it easy day. Breakfast is a really nice simple Turkish affair with toasting the bread on a hot plate over a fire place which Julianne enjoyed.

Breakfast with the lake right below us.

Luke got a chance to use a pencil for the first time and he absolutely loved it! Filling in one of the Airline children colouring sets.

Around 9-30am we headed down to the local town for a walk around and saw a 800 year old warehouse which had been turned into a mosque which was interesting. I do love seeing these large wooden support beams which are all crooked and made by hand in the past.

Old wooden post inside the Mosque.

Robin is still doing most of the pushing of Luke, he really loves pushing the pram around.

Back the pension we had a simple homemade lunch.

Then Julianne, the boys and myself walked to the end of the peninsula to have a look around while Grandma had a nice afternoon relaxing at the pension after a full on week in Turkey. There was not a lot to see at the end of the peninsula it was either more pensions or run-down houses.

Run down houses at Egirdir.          

It was a nice walk but was cold with the wind coming down form the mountains surrounding the lake, which are all covered in snow after the last couple of days.

Walking to the end of the peninsula in the cold, but at least there is no snow.

After returning the rooms the afternoon was spent relaxing, reading or writing blogs. For tea we drove back to the end of the peninsula to what looked like a really nice restaurant were the food proved to be below average and we were not impressed. It appears that Sundays are not good days for meals so far on our holiday. What was nice was that there is a park which Robin, Luke and I were able to run around. This run around with the lake all around us and the mountains in the distance was a great way to blow off steam and relax.

Adam Weller