Turkey day 21 - Military Museum & resting

I woke up around 7am after a long good sleep after a long day yesterday at the 100 year anniversary ANZAC Service. We all had breakfast together then Julianne went back to sleep while Robin, Grandma, Luke and myself went for an explore at the military museum just down the road from the hotel. This museum is run by the Turkish military and includes a large park with lots of canons and guns.

One of the many guns in the park, this time an early machine gun.

 There is a replica of the mine-layer ship which was involved in the battle that defeated the 16 Allied Battleships which lead to the Gallipoli army landings. Imagine 16 Battleships defeated by forts on the shore and mines – amazing defence by the Turks in 1915 and no wonder they are proud of the work done by the little mine-layers.

The replica mine layer.

We also explored one of these forts which is now a museum for the battles in 1915 & a building with other artefacts from the war.

Robin letting Grandma pushing Luke for a change.

Back at the hotel for another lovely lunch in the hotel courtyard before the others went out shopping and it was my turn for a quick nap.

For tea we went to a super flash fish restaurant where there were over 15 types of fish all set out like in a fishmonger – you choose your fish – they tell you the weight and how much it costs. There were around 30 – 40 fish food starters and meze’s – the perfect restaurant for Grandma.

Grandma and I ate grilled sea bass and I enjoyed it – and I am not a big fan of sea food.

Then back to the rooms. A simple relaxing day after yesterday excitement.

Adam Weller